KulturQuadrat – Intention

Köthe has in recent years carried out political actions that deal with the coexistence of different cultures in our society.

The aim of these actions is to bring people from different cultures of our society together. For years, several cultural squares have been created.

This confrontation with the „foreign“ culture is achieved through the joint creation of 1 square meter „KulturQuadrat“ images.

He calls in public people of different nationalities to write in their native language a particular topic word with paint and brush on a canvas.

Due to the slowness of the act of the co-acting person is reflected on this word more clearly and also set outwith the existing writings-and it comes to discussions with the contributors and viewers.

Other people look at the existing handwriting and discover foreign languages and writings and are encouraged to think about the importance of each topic in other cultures.

During the action thus a cultural exchange arises:
The languages and people of different cultures come together and create a symbiosis.

On the Cultural Quality Council „Tolerance“ are e.g. 47 manuscripts 17 cultures

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